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make me choose: sidharth with parineeti, alia or shraddha

"It’s like what they say, opposites attract. We’re quite different. I’m quite reserved whereas she’s always bubbly, lively and chirpy and never in a bad mood, but also we had a lot in common because we are both Punjabis and because we have a similar upbringing, similar culture we get along and share a sense of humour."  Sidharth on Parineeti

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gurukiaisha asked: Sidharth or Ranveer

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chal tujhko aa chupaloon, apni main bahoon mein
chal khwaab kuch sajaa dun, teri in nigahon mein

come, let me hide you in my arms
come, let me decorate some dreams in your eyes

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hannibal against humanity [pt. 1] [pt.2]

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Huma Qureshi for Femina India July 2014

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brolin doo daa doo daa dooo doo daa

images // yavannauk & farfarawaysite 

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It’s not just like “Okay, I’ll do whenever you tell me”

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What is it?

Going into cardiac arrest here…

Jo is pressing up against his crotch region, trying to squeeze through, so he says because he’s gonna cum in his pants.

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